Blue Star Award 2021

Congratulations to everyone on our fourth Blue Star Award! In order to achieve this, all classes from 1st to 6th class learned different facts about Europe and countries which are in the EU.

Topics that were covered by many classes included the following:

-Historical: learning about past wars, learning about the history of countries or historical figures, etc.

-Geographical: learning facts about countries, completing projects on countries, learning about famous European landmarks, etc.

-Cultural and Creative: learning about famous artists or musicians from European countries, learning French phrases

-Institutional: learning about the EU, how it works and how the EU affects their lives

Thank you to all the classes involved and well-done everyone on this fantastic achievement!

Also well done, and thank you to Ms. Bebhinn Walsh for compiling our application for this award. smile

Science Week 2021

We marked 'Science Week' from Monday 8th to Friday 12th November last week.   There was a variety of science activities investigated and explored in each class this year including; a range of science experiments, bug hunts, science shows, our virtual Science Showcase,...

Maths Week 2021

We marked 'Maths Week' this week, from Monday  18th October to Friday 22nd October.   We have had a very busy week in Knockskeagh doing lots of different maths activities! We had maths games in the school hall on Monday, a ‘Maths Eyes’ trail finding 2D and 3D shapes...

Space Week 2021

We celebrated 'Space Week' from Monday  4th of October to Friday 8th of October last week.  This year, we introduced the "Space Booklet" for all pupils in our school. The Space booklet was packed full of space facts, information, puzzles, colouring sheets, and much...

Award of Science and Maths Excellence 2020/21

We have just received the great news that our school has been awarded its ninth ‘Award of Science and Maths Excellence’ for the school year 2020/21. We are extremely proud of this award, as it once again demonstrates the work done in Science & Maths throughout the...

Bridge Building

Bridge Building Knockskeagh recently hosted a bridge building competition. The competition this year involved all 6th class pupils. The students' task was to work in teams against one another to build the strongest bridge. They were provided with just lollipop sticks...

1st and 2nd Class Beach Day

Beach Day Our 1st and 2nd class visited Red Strand Beach on Monday the 21st of June. They completed a number of science investigations including; Sorting man-made and natural objects Measuring wavelength Is there iron in the sand? How is sand made? What's in the...

School Garden

School Garden 4th Class recently took on our garden project and did an amazing job. They put in trojan work, cleaning all our flower and vegetable beds. Then they got to work planting. They planted peas, beans, edible flowers, onions, carrots, salad leaves, beetroot,...

Green Schools Action Day

Green Schools - "No Power Hour" The Green-Schools Committee has been working very hard behind the scenes towards getting our 7th Green Flag, Global Citizenship: Energy. They have been raising awareness on how looking after our local environment helps people all over...

Tech Week 2021

We marked 'Tech Week' from Monday 19th of April to Friday 23rd of April this year.  We are presently working towards the Discover Primary Science Plaque of STEM Excellence which is awarded to schools in recognition of their extensive work in Science, Technology,...

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Knockskeagh News

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Science Week 2021

Science Week 2021

We marked 'Science Week' from Monday 8th to Friday 12th November last week.   There was a variety of science...

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