Active Flag.

Welcome to our Active Flag page. Here you can see all the sports and exercise our school is involved in. We cater for a wide range of interests, with something to suit everybody. Exercise is so important for our health. 

Physical Education

All pupils in our school are provided with 60 minutes timetabled PE per week. Each of our  classes are taught at least 5 different PE strands each year (Athletics, Aquatics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure). Our school PE programme allocates a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the different PE strands

All teachers work together to strengthen their delivery of a different PE strand every year. All teachers use the PSSI lesson plans and the ‘Move Well, Move Often’ resources to guide their delivery of the PE Curriculum. Members of staff have undertaken CPD in Physical Education during the past 12 months. New knowledge, ideas and resources have been shared out amongst staff members

Our school teaches the Land PAWS Water Safety Programme at one, or more, class levels each year and  our school ensures that PE activities are planned so that they are accessible by all pupils

Every child’s progress in PE is discussed with parents at PT meetings and feedback is included in the annual report.

 Our school carries out a PE equipment audit once a year, disposing of old and broken equipment and our PE equipment and resources are clearly labelled, well organised and easily accessible. We prioritise a fundamental movement skills (FMS) for further development within their PE programme every year – This year the focus will be running.

All pupils receive PE homework once per week, related to the PE strand that they are working on at the time

Physical Activity

Our school provides twice daily playground breaks for all classes and all Children are allowed to run during playground breaks. Our school yard is zoned to allow children to engage in a variety of different activities and our school facilitates the use of PE equipment during break times.

Our school has created an Active School WALKWAY route which we use to promote physical activity and cross-curricular learning. It is 250m in length! This December every class completed the Active Break Every Day challenge, as a whole school initiative, over a period of 4 weeks this year!

Every class completes an extended classroom-based physical activity break on the days when children are unable to play outdoors – GO noodle dances exercises etc!

 Every class is currently doing the Run a Day challenge, as a whole school initiative, over a period of 4 weeks this year.Our school incorporates physical activity into annual calendar events throughout the school year lime our Halloween Parade, St Patricks Day , Christmas jumper Parade!! Every class has agreed upon a set of 3, or more, actions to decrease sedentary time.


We are currently working together, as a school, to find and agree an ASF slogan.

 Our school established an ASF team at the outset of the process and meetings are done on a class by class basis. Our school gives pupils many and varied ASF leadership roles

Senior pupils conducted a What Club Are You In? survey to find out about physical activity opportunities in the local community. Our school acknowledges physical activity effort and success both during school and outside of school hours

 Our school emailed the Local Sports Partnership, Sports Inclusion Disability Officer and HSE Health Promotion Officer to find out about opportunities for young people, of all abilities and their families to get active in their local community

We have outside coaches from our local Rugby, GAA, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Basketball, Taekwando come in and do lessons with our children. We also have outside Hip Hop and Irish Dancing teachers visit our school!

Our school will be distributing the ASF PUPIL questionnaire and ASF PARENT questionnaire in November!

Active School Week

Last week in Knockskeagh, we completed our annual Active Flag Week.

It was a huge success! All children participated in running, walking, orienteering, Active Breaks, ‘Run Around Ireland Challenge’, Dancing, GAA and Soccer to name a few!

Each night we had Active Home Challenges from local stars like Liam O Donovan,
Linda Collins, Martina O Brien and Phil Healy. All these videos can be found under ‘older entries tab’ at the bottom of this screen!

Every Class took part in our ‘’Danceathon’ and all proceeds went to the charity ‘As I Am’.

We also again had great news throughout the week! Our 6th class has been chosen as the Co. Cork winner of the SPAR FAI School Zone teacher’s competition! We have won a SPAR Kit that includes jerseys, shorts and socks.

Also, we as a school completed over 17,000 laps of our school track for ‘The Run around Ireland Challenge’ and as a result have won a prize from Active Flag for the challenge. This month, as a school we are focusing on the Athletics and Dance Strand. Our Fundamental Movement Skill Focus is Catching –

As our school is focusing on the Athletics strand for the final term, each class will practice for the next six weeks in preparation for our first Knockskeagh Olympics from 7th – 11th June. More Details in the coming weeks!







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