1st and 2nd Class Beach Day

Beach Day

Our 1st and 2nd class visited Red Strand Beach on Monday the 21st of June.

They completed a number of science investigations including;

  • Sorting man-made and natural objects
  • Measuring wavelength
  • Is there iron in the sand?
  • How is sand made?
  • What’s in the water?

After this, they explored the rockpool areas at the beach known as the intertidal zone. They found and learned about limpet, dog whelk, mussels, barnacles, kelp, anemone, and 3 different types of seaweed. Also, each class was shown how to identify the low tide and high tide marks. They learned about the tides ebbing and flowing too.

After lunch, they had a visit from Mairéad O Donovan from the Scoil an Mara video series. Mairéad was greeted with great excitement. Thank you Mairéad for taking the time to visit and being so patient when chatting to pupils and answering their questions.

Each class finished the day by engaging in a number of games on the beach and sand art. Also, they took the time to pick up some litter around the beach. At Knockskeagh National School, we are advocates of “Leave no trace”.

It was a very enjoyable day for all, made all the better by the beautiful sunshine.

Please see our gallery below for a sample of the fun had by the classes on their beach visit.



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