Wellness Week Activities

Our Amber Flag Committee recently planned a series of daily activities to mark our annual Wellness Week in Knockskeagh which took place between Monday 10th  to Friday 14th of May this year.

Some activities incorporated into Wellness Week encouraged us to look after one another and to talk about worries we may have with a friend or family member.

Other activities focused on being kind and helped us to realise each of our unique talents.

Each class became engaged in Wellness activities including mindful moments, secret friends, the pick-me-up jar, growth mindset, and feel-good activities during the week.



Wellness Week Activities

Mindful Moments

Each class agreed on a time for daily meditation for the month of May. Our Amber Flag representatives remind teachers each day as school life can be busy sometimes. They’ve earned the title of “Mindful Moment Monitors” in each class. It really is nice to take time to ourselves sometimes. 

The Secret Friend

Every pupil in each class was assigned a partner (secretly) for the day. Being kind to your secret friend was encouraged throughout the school. For example, giving a compliment or simply asking would they like to play a game?

Growth Mindset Tree

Here each classroom introduced the topic of the growth mindset.  Each pupil created and designed their handprint. On their handprint, they either drew a picture or wrote about  “I’m good at____” and “I’m working on _____”. These handprints will be used to form a Growth Mindset Tree Display very soon.

Pick me up Jar

Each pupil wrote something positive about a member of their class. Younger pupils drew a picture for a classmate. There were some lovely positive messages shared within each classroom.  

Feel Good Dance

On Friday, we danced during lunchtime using our two new speakers. It was great fun and we certainly experienced that Friday feeling 😊

Mindful Colouring

On Friday afternoon, we engaged in some mindful colouring in each class. 

The Worry Tree

The highlight of Wellness Week was the launch of our new Wellness initiative for this year “The Worry Tree”. We raised money for Pieta House on this day.  A Ribbon was distributed to each class by committee members and was wrapped around the trunk of the tree to mark each class’s first visit.  

Wellness Week

Trip to Darrara Agricultural College

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Science Week 2022

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Maths Week 2022

We marked 'Maths Week' this week, from Monday 17th October to Friday 21st October. We have had a very busy week in Knockskeagh doing lots of different Maths activities! Each day there was a different Maths related task which kept everyone entertained.  We had Maths...

Save the Bees Apple Trees

"Save the Bees" initiative Last year, we participated in the SuperValu Tidy Towns Save the Bees initiative, in association with the National Biodiversity Data Centre and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. Not only did we get to take part in a range of bee-related...

Space Week 2022

Space week took off with a 3....2....1....BLAST OFF! 🚀🚀 We celebrated 'Space Week' from Monday 3rd of October to Friday 7th of October.  Everyone was incredibly busy learning all about Space and making their own creations, ranging from aliens to rockets to spaceships...

Step One: Science

Experiment One Strand: Living Things Class: 2nd Class Activity: Mini Beast HuntExperiment Two Strand: Energy and Forces Class: 1st Class Activity: Marble RunExperiment Three Strand: Materials Class: 6th Class Activity: Design and make a Lava LampExperiment Four...

Tech Week 2022

We marked 'Tech Week' from Monday 21st of March to Friday 25th of March this year.   There were many technology-related activities throughout each class during the week. IPADS Our school is very lucky to be in a position to have a set of 30 IPads. Each class had their...

Engineers Week 2022

We marked 'Engineers Week' from Monday 7th of March to Friday 11th March this year.     Engineering Week activities this year included the following activities lego challenges, STEM challenges through the use of our STEM Box, an engineering quiz,  and learning about...

Engineer Visits 3rd Class

During Engineers Week, we were delighted to welcome Niamh Ryan to 3rd class in Knockskeagh National School.  Niamh Ryan is a climate ambassador and engineer and gave an insight into sustainable development and engineering.  It was a really interesting and fun morning....

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