Science Week 2020

We marked ‘Science Week’ from Monday 9th to Friday 13th November last week.  We are presently working towards the Discover Primary Science Plaque of STEM Excellence which is awarded to schools in recognition of their extensive work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  

There were many Science activities in all classes during ‘Science Week’ this year including; science experiments, science shows, Mad Scientist Crazy Hair day, our virtual Science Showcase and much more. 

Please see a snapshot of some of the Science activities in the classes during Science Week 2020.

1st Class explored shadows in the school yard. 

2nd Class created a chemical reaction during the Fizzy Colours experiment and investigated what material would be best to use to create a teabag. 🤣 Also, they tuned into the science show “That’s Non-Sense with Ginny Smith”. Our 2nd Class absolutely loved this show and had great fun learning about the weird and wonderful tricks our senses can play on us. 

3rd Class explored floating and sinking of different stones and how a plasma ball reacts to sound and touch. 

4th Class made “Elephant toothpaste” 

5th Class completed the Chromatography and Milk Rainbow experiment. Also, they explored how plants absorb water and made butter.  

More Science Week photos to follow soon……..

Step One: Science

Experiment One Strand: Living Things Class: 2nd Class Activity: Mini Beast HuntExperiment Two Strand: Energy and Forces Class: 1st Class Activity: Marble RunExperiment Three Strand: Materials Class: 6th Class Activity: Design and make a Lava LampExperiment Four...

Tech Week 2022

We marked 'Tech Week' from Monday 21st of March to Friday 25th of March this year.   There were many technology-related activities throughout each class during the week. IPADS Our school is very lucky to be in a position to have a set of 30 IPads. Each class had their...

Engineers Week 2022

We marked 'Engineers Week' from Monday 7th of March to Friday 11th March this year.     Engineering Week activities this year included the following activities lego challenges, STEM challenges through the use of our STEM Box, an engineering quiz,  and learning about...

Engineer Visits 3rd Class

During Engineers Week, we were delighted to welcome Niamh Ryan to 3rd class in Knockskeagh National School.  Niamh Ryan is a climate ambassador and engineer and gave an insight into sustainable development and engineering.  It was a really interesting and fun morning....

Lego Building Competition

Fifth class pupils Evan O Crowley and Odhran O Sullivan entered a Lego building competition run by Autism-Friendly Clonakilty recently. They loved every second of creating this building of what “My Clonakilty” looks like and worked extremely hard over these last few...

Energy Workshop

We were delighted to welcome an Energy Workshop from the Lifetime Lab. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th classes engaged in the energy workshops which covered the topics of energy sources, climate change, CO2, and what we as individuals can do to reduce the amount of energy we...

Knockskeagh Podcast

Podcast: "The Story of Tojo"   2nd Class has been busy creating and recording their very first podcast recently. It is all about the visit of a spider monkey named Tojo to Clonakilty nearly 80 years ago. The podcast was recorded in Knockskeagh and produced by all...

Science Week 2021

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Maths Week 2021

We marked 'Maths Week' this week, from Monday  18th October to Friday 22nd October.   We have had a very busy week in Knockskeagh doing lots of different maths activities! We had maths games in the school hall on Monday, a ‘Maths Eyes’ trail finding 2D and 3D shapes...

1st Class Exploring Shadows

2nd Class

Investigation 1. Fizzy Colours Experiment.

Investigation 2. What material should we use to make teabags?

Science Show: That’s Non-Sense with Ginny Smith. 

3rd Class Floating Stone Experiment and Plasma Ball Reactions

4th Class made Elephant Toothpaste

5th Class Chromatography and Milk Rainbow Experiment, exploration of water absorption of plants and butter making.

Mad Scientist Crazy Hair Day

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