Science Week 2020

We marked ‘Science Week’ from Monday 9th to Friday 13th November last week.  We are presently working towards the Discover Primary Science Plaque of STEM Excellence which is awarded to schools in recognition of their extensive work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  

There were many Science activities in all classes during ‘Science Week’ this year including; science experiments, science shows, Mad Scientist Crazy Hair day, our virtual Science Showcase and much more. 

Please see a snapshot of some of the Science activities in the classes during Science Week 2020.

1st Class explored shadows in the school yard. 

2nd Class created a chemical reaction during the Fizzy Colours experiment and investigated what material would be best to use to create a teabag. 🤣 Also, they tuned into the science show “That’s Non-Sense with Ginny Smith”. Our 2nd Class absolutely loved this show and had great fun learning about the weird and wonderful tricks our senses can play on us. 

3rd Class explored floating and sinking of different stones and how a plasma ball reacts to sound and touch. 

4th Class made “Elephant toothpaste” 

5th Class completed the Chromatography and Milk Rainbow experiment. Also, they explored how plants absorb water and made butter.  

More Science Week photos to follow soon……..

Maths Week 2023

We marked 'Maths Week' this week, from Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October. We have had a very busy week in Knockskeagh doing lots of different Maths activities! We had Maths art challenges, quizzes, Maths games on the iPads, an orienteering Maths code-breaker...

Space Week 2023

Space week took off with a 3....2....1....BLAST OFF! 🚀🚀 We celebrated 'Space Week' from Monday 2nd of October to Friday 6th of October.  Everyone was incredibly busy learning all about Space and making their own creations, ranging from aliens to rockets to spaceships...

Welcome to our Sensory Garden!

Our wonderful new Sensory Garden! We have our very own Sensory Garden for everyone to enjoy! It is split into five areas, catering to each of the five senses: taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight. Our Sensory Garden is situated so everyone can take the opportunity...

Picker Pals

Picker Pals Picker Pals in 2nd Class Our 2nd Class doing their bit for the local environment during the school year. They picked litter at locations of their choice to make a positive impact to their local environment.  The smallest actions can have an enormous...

Beach Clean Up 🗑️

Beach Clean Up Day 🗑️ Here at Knockskeagh, we are currently working towards getting our 8th Green Flag – Global Citizenship Marine Environment. As part of the application process, our GreenSchools Committee participated in a beach clean up at Inchydoney Beach on...

5th Class ESB Science Blast

Last Thursday, 5th class ventured up to MIC Limerick for ESB Science Blast! Every student spoke so passionately about our new school Bug Hotel which they have spent the last number of months researching and constructing!  They also enjoyed a fantastic day full of...

Green Schools Action Day 2023

Green Schools Action Day 2023 The Green-Schools Committee has been working very hard behind the scenes towards getting our 8th Green Flag, Global Citizenship: Marine Environment. 🐟They have been raising awareness on how looking after our local marine environment helps...

Step One: Science

Experiment One Strand: Living Things Class: 6th Class Activity: Human Life- The EyeExperiment Two Strand: Energy and Forces Class: 3rd Class Activity: Circuits: Magnetism and ElectricityExperiment Three Strand: Materials Class: Senior Infants Activity: Dancing...

Wild Work Programme

Wild Work Initiative Pupils from 1st to 5th class were given the opportunity to participate in the Wild Work Initiative on the week running up to the Easter holidays. All classes thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor classroom experience and they learned so much with Lizet,...

1st Class Exploring Shadows

2nd Class

Investigation 1. Fizzy Colours Experiment.

Investigation 2. What material should we use to make teabags?

Science Show: That’s Non-Sense with Ginny Smith. 

3rd Class Floating Stone Experiment and Plasma Ball Reactions

4th Class made Elephant Toothpaste

5th Class Chromatography and Milk Rainbow Experiment, exploration of water absorption of plants and butter making.

Mad Scientist Crazy Hair Day

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